Smart Dual Mode Dental Milling Machine
BSM-400DW, specially designed for your digital dental workflow, takes convenient milling process to the next level. Mastering dry milling and wet grinding, this 4-axis machine meets your versatile needs with amazing machining precision thanks to its industry-leading components and ±5μm repetition accuracy. No matter it is zirconia, glass ceramics or titanium premill, BSM-400DW will be all set.

Product Advantages

A precise machine

±0.01mm installation accuracy

5μm repetition accuracy

A milling and grinding master

Dual milling mode: wet/dry milling via simple switch

Wide range of millable materials and indications

Open system for multiple formats and materials

An efficient time saver

Strong powerful spindle with speed up to 80000RPM

3 glass ceramics/2 titanium premills ground at one time

24min fast grinding of glass ceramic anterior full contour

An intelligent dental assistant

6-station automatic tool changer

Intelligent power-off protection

Easy operation with intuitive LCD touch screen

Technical Data

  • Dimension(W*D*H)
  • Weight
  • Fields of application
    Dry milling and Wet milling
  • Number of axes
  • Cooling system
    Air cooling
  • Milling accuracy
  • Repetition accuracy
  • Spindle speed
    Up to 80,000RPM
  • Touch screen control
    LCD touch screen
  • Built-in burs
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Voltage
  • Air pressure
  • Rated Power
  • Max. output power
  • SIngle Precessing quantity
    Glass ceramic 3units/Titanium premill 3 units/ Zirconia block 3 units
  • Dimension of Glass ceramic block
    18.5*14.9*12.5mm, 40*15*14mm
  • Dimension of Zirconia block
    20*19*15.5mm, 39*19*11.5mm
  • Burs type
    Tool kit for glass ceramic: 2.5mm 1.0mm 0.6mm
  • Burs type
    Tool kit for metal material: 3.0mm 2.0mm 1.0mm
  • Burs type
    Tool kit for zirconia block: 2.0mm 1.0mm 0.6mm

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