• SHTML 3D Multilayer

    SHTML 3D Multilayer

    Product Feature

    All-in-one & One-for-all
    Seamless gradient in translucency, strength and shade
    Fast and easy processing
    Revolutionarily well-balanced combination of strength and translucency
    All indications available 
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  • BSM-520D Milling Machine

    BSM-520D Milling Machine

    Product Feature

    5-axis milling machine
    Smart CAM nesting strategy with 9.7inch touch screen
    Premium spindle with 60,000RPM
    90° vertical processing 
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    Company Profile

    Besmile is a dedicated manufacturer of dental CAD/CAM materials, equipment, and implant systems, as well as a comprehensive digital dental solution provider offering innovative solutions for dental labs and practices in the fields of dental implantology and prosthetics.
    We specialize in the self-development and production of high-quality dental zirconia blanks, glass ceramics, dyeing solutions, stain/glaze,3D printers, milling machines, and sintering furnaces, implant systems, etc.
    Choose Besmile, to create the best smiles.
    • Advanced manufacturing technology
    • Persistent R&D
    • Reliable raw material
    • Quality Assessment & Quality Control
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    • Mr. Hichem

      I’ve had a great pleasure working with Aconia for the past 2 years.I truly believe that it has a great quality and gives the best results especially with SHTML; it embodies an extremely natural translucency due to an extensive research to master the assembly of multilayers. In a way that the result reflects the exact shade of the natural tooth. I also love how BSM has a wide range of products with all the different shades. This certainly meets the needs of the patients.
    • Ms. Ana Klisović

      Divadent lab has eight years experience with zirconium materials, but last two years biggest pleasure gives us products from multilayer blocs. We worked with many different systems and Aconia fulfills all high standards of our clients in function and aestetics. I can easily reach greatresults with my favorite microlayer technique for individual front teeth and fast stain technique for posteriors cause colour of block is precize with soft layer transition.
    • Mr. Chaiwat Season

      Aconia SHTML: The new era of Prosthodontics which is able to enhance both aesthetic and strength. The Gradient Shade is 3 dimensionally beautiful. The strength has ensured our confidence. So far we did not see any breakage or crack of the workpieces, either multiple full crowns or bridges 3-10 units. Acronia Multilayer is trustful for us.  
    • Mr. Thomas Brainsky

      Aconia is fantastic material. It just looks more natural and has a much better appearance of translucency than so many other more expensive competitive products. Furthermore, the Multi Layer shades are very consistent with the Vita shades. From the lab perspective, it's one of the best zirconia's on the market. We love the stuff! It's actually surprising that so many other labs don't even try this product. When labs can get superior zirconia at excellent prices but choose more expensive brands that are comparable or even deliver less impressive results, it just doesn't make any sense from a business stand point. Chinese products come with a stigma. The same people that are hung up on that stigma, probably also love their iPhones.
    • Dr. Andrew Yin

      We started our lab couple years ago. We have tried brands from Korea, USA, Germany to other Chinese brands. So far terms of price point and the quality of the block, we get Aconia that has been the best. We have now only been stocking up Aconia blocks. TTML block form Aconia is very translucent almost to the translucency of adult enamel with a little staining you can pretty much replace the need for emax crown. Their multi-layered SHT block has been much more stable in terms of transition in color now and do help with the fabrication of longer span of bridge. Definitely one of the better choices on the market for the quality and price point.

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