BSM-520D is a 5-Axis dry-milling machine for dental CAD/CAM system with wide range of materials, featuring high accuracy, durable stability and excellent compatibility. It is an ideal choice for high-precision restorations including bridges, frames, splint, abutment,base and complicated operations like zirconia perforation. Equipped with premium spindle, imported core parts, smart CAM nesting system and intelligent touch screen, BSM-520D offers better disc handling, wider material capabilities, automatic tool change to deliver a higher efficiency.

Product Advantages

High Compatibility

B Axis wide rotation range

Indications: crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, abutment, veneer

Intelligent Processing

Smart CAM nesting strategy

Integrated PC with 9.7 inch intelligent touch screen

Automatic changer for 4 tools with haptic tool detection and tool breakage monitoring

Higher ROI

1/3 holder, simplified operation;increased 20% production per block

2-second block insertio

Special dust-proof design ensures long lifespan

Excellent Reliability

Premium spindle with 60,000RPM

Heavy industrial quality and aerometal structure

The gantry structure and thermal expansion symmetric design ensure accuracy stability

High Accuracy* High Efficiency

Digital servo system with high resolution, ±0.005mm repetition accuracy.

±0.01mm installation accuracy for per axis

90°vertical processing

Milling speed: zirconia posterior anatomic crown ≈17' (Aconia HT+ 14mm); zirconia 3-unit crown bridge ≈24' (Aconia HT+14mm)

Technical Data

  • Dimension(W*D*H)
  • Weight
  • Fields of application
    Dry milling
  • Number of axes
  • Cooling system
    Air cooling spindle
  • Repetition accuracy
  • Spindle speed
    Up to 60000 RPM
  • Touch screen control
    9.7'' LCD touch screen
  • Built-in burs
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Voltage/Power

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