[Activity] Post your case! To win $500 with a snapshot!



As a warm-up for the Dental Star Aesthetics Competition 2021

# To win $500 with a snapshot! #

Thumbs up on your Aconia!



牙齿.pngCall For Photograph

 Any cases done by Aconia TT Multilayer and SHT Multilayer are welcome.


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1.png Timeline    


This event starts on August 10th and end on December 5th (UTC/GMT+08:00). It will be divided into two cycles. The first cycle is from August 10th to October 8th, and the second cycle is from October 9th to December 5th. Posts within the cycle will be automatically considered as participating in this cycle.


 1.pngRegarding the Dental Star Aesthetics Competition 


You're the go-ahead shining star we're looking for, come to join the Dental Star Aesthetics Competition with us!

Speak for yourself with Aconia , the more you imagine...

More information ,please refer to: https://www.bsmdental.com/news/18/129.html



▸ Remarks:

• All selected manuscripts must guarantee the originality of the work and be true ,scientific;

• Besmile reserves all rights for final explanation.



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