Zirconia Fast Sintering Furnace

Easy Efficient Energy Saving Excellent Performance

BSM-FC30 zirconia fast sintering furnace is specially designed for completing the high-temperature sintering for all zirconia materials. It adopts unique“Sandwich” thermal insulation technology, achieving long-lasting heat preservation and energy saving. And It offers customers with easy & efficient sintering experience with one-button operation and 3 hour fast sintering, and at the same time guarantees excellent sintering performance with its use of high-purity silicon carbide heating elements and circular-shape heating design.

Product Advantages

Easy Operation

One-button operation with LCD touch screen.

Intelligent lifting, enabling easy loading and unloading.

Energy Saving

Unique“Sandwich”thermal insulation technology, achieving high tech insulation, long-lasting heat Preservation and energy saving.

Efficient Sintering

3H fast sintering,63% less than traditional sintering time.

2 sintering modes: fast& standard, free shift.

100 customized sintering programs.

Excellent Performance

High-purity silicon carbide heating elements, ensuring sintering restorations free of contamination.

Circular-shape heating design achieving homogeneous temperature distribution,guaranteeing the finished restorations with accurate color and great translucency.

Technical Data

  • Application area
    Zirconia sintering
  • Dimension(W.D.H)
  • Sintering space
  • Number of sintering trays
  • Diameter of sintering tray
    74 mm
  • Heating element
    High purity silicon carbide
  • No. of heating elements
  • Power supply
  • Max withstand temperature
  • Working temperature
  • Operation
    7 color touch screen
  • Rated power
  • Weight
  • Sensor
    High precision type-B thermocouple
  • Temp.control accuracy
  • Heating rate
  • Max.customized programs
  • Max.sintered resorations
    25 single crowns
  • Shortest sintering time
    3H(cooling time included)
  • Heating type
    Fast & Standard